11 February, 2019

Songwriting Prompt Three: Stir

This weeks prompt was Stir and I must admit this one was harder. Partly because it just didn't flow and partly because life was in the way.

We’re Cooking
Key: A
Writing Prompt: Stir
Standard Timing

Open the Wine
Stir up the sauce
grandma’s got a spoon in her hand 
The kids get lost

We’re cooking. Yes, we’re cooking.
Baked apple pie
Blues on the hi fi
We’re cooking

Winters here
it’s cold in the snow
going to make some love (tonight)
cause it’s 20 below

You’ll need ten cups of apples pealed and cored
one cup of sugar don’t spill it on the floor
You’ll need a teaspoon of cinnamon
four tablespoons of flour
half cup of water shouldn’t take half an hour.

You get a cup of quick oats
another cup of flour
cup of brown sugar quarter teaspoon baking powder.
We’re going to melt all that butter
a whole half a cup
cause our hearts are only happy
when we’re filling something up


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