04 February, 2019

Songwriting Prompt Two: Cab

Hello Gang-
Here is another in this series; as I've said before, these are just a weeks worth of work and then I record on video the tunes. I know they need work and they are works in progress.
This one I wrote over the period of like two days. Once I got the first one out and recorded I didn't feel so backed up. You see I felt behind because I joined the group while I was on vacation. If you don't know what I'm talking about well here is a link to last weeks edition in which I explain. LINK Alternately, I can and will just mention a smallish bit here. I joined a songwriting group which gives a prompt every week for us to write about. It doesn't have to be an epic song or anything just something you were inspired to write from the prompt. This weeks prompt was, 'Cab'.

Song Prompt 2: Cab
Am, C, G, F
Title: Old Cab

This is a tale of an old wagoneer
he was a cowboy, a traveler, a lover (of beer)
he’d hitch up his two horses and climb to the chair
ride off to nowhere cause it’s better than here.

They called him ‘Old Cab’ and they said it quite clear
they were proud of this old man and it was said like a prayer.
In the year of 18 hundred and 65
he saved the whole damn town ya he kept them alive.

It rained in the day and it rained in the night
it rained that whole (damn) month  till the river went wild.
It burst through the damns, and it tore up the rocks
sent them all tumbling to the town down below

Now Old Cab saw it happen cause he was out on a drunk
been chased out of town cause he was dirty and stunk?
he jumped up on his pony yes he mounted the nag
and he raced that old water through the forests and crags.

He warned the whole town yes he said it quite clear
the water was coming the water was near
no one believed him no one cared he was just a drunk and a lier
get out of here.

Old Cab didn’t give up he continued to fight
went down to the mining office to steal the dynamite
back up the mountain he went fast and lite
to blow off the top and block the waters spite

now back in the town there was drinking and dance
nobody knew of the water they didn’t have a chance
they’d kicked out old cab they’d sent him away
now he’s up on the mountain trying to save the day

then came the rumble of the thunder and rain
then came the explosion and the rocks down again/tumbling down
the town had been saved the water passed them by
saved by a drunk a man/person they passed by.
Old Cab

Thanks for popping by and I wish you a dear and beautiful day.

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