30 October, 2017

Filling a hole and wallpaper is your friend

Wallpapering the dining room

The other day we got a wild hair and decided that I needed to fix the holes in the dining room walls.
    “Okay, that’s cool.” said I. “We’ll have to tear the wall apart and re insulate, and Sheetrock the silly thing. Which is going to make a giant mess.” The giant mess has been my catch all phrase which I hope will get me from doing whatever it is I’m suppose to do. Now, don’t judge. I’m not the only one who uses this one. It was taught to me by someone, who had it taught to him by someone. Who knows this little phrase might be handed down from our earliest hominid ancestors.
     It was simply my idea that to correctly fix the holes (which in fairness was my fault anyways and way before Elissa and I were married) we’d have to tear everything up and go from there. I was wrong. All we had to do with get this fixing putty called, ‘Spackling Compound’ and this sticky netting from Ace and sort of smoosh the lot together on the wall. Wait for it to dry, do a little sanding and paint.
Everything worked perfectly until we painted. That was a disaster so we wallpapered the wall. It looks great. Nothing bad at all. You’ll see in the video and photo’s.

Wallpapering was easier then we’d expected. We got the kind with the sticky already on the back. All you have to do is soak it and put it on. That’s after you cut it to size of course.
Measure twice, cut once, soak in water then put it up. I will have to say it is a lot easier to do with someone else along. I suppose if you're very experience with DIY stuff you may be able to work it out, but me....I'm glad Elissa was there too.

We think if you do your homework and think wallpaper might work for your project you should give it a try. Take your time, and have fun with it.

Keep the shiny side up 
Filled the hole
Another of the filled hole.
The after with the wallpaper
Another after of the wallpaper.


Here are a couple of links to an Amazon products much like the one we were using. I am an Amazon affiliate so when you visit and buy something from these links I get a very small percentage. Not from your money. It comes from Amazon. Thanks and as always 'Keep the shiny side up'.

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