06 November, 2017

Further on up the road


    Elissa and I live in a part of Minnesota with a lot of hiking and biking trails. While we may not be the type to go kayaking in a raging Winter river and call it fun we are most definitely going to be found in Nature. Hiking, biking, walking the dog, we’re trying to get our cat into it but it’s a slow process she’s a city girl.
Ms Mama Macy Yawning
     One of the places we like to go hiking on has had the road toward it closed all of the Summer because of repairs. However we found another entrance to it just a little further on up the road.  
     The Great River Ridge Trail is a flat land path which runs from the corner of Olmsted County Road 9 and Mn 42 all the way to Plainview, Mn. A thirteen mile paved path in which you can find walkers, runners, bikers, and horseback riding along this trail. Careful not to scare the horses.
Here’s an interactive Google map of the path.

Here’s a link to the Minnesota DNR page on it.

I would say that it’s worth the time to explore it.

This video is of us goofing off and enjoying our hike. 

Keep the shiny side up
Trevor & Elissa

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