10 July, 2017

The Bed aka Hubba Hubba

Okay all kidding aside, here is the video of the bed.
We were going to buy an 8-12 inch foam mattress and if/when we go full time we probably will just before we do that. For now though they are to expensive to warrant purchasing for part time folks.

What we got is a queen size mattress and we only got it because they didn't have any full sized ones in our price range. There was one that inflated itself, monitored it's air pressure and kept itself at the right spot for just over a hundred bucks but we didn't want to spend all of that. It also sort of creeped us out. I mean would you want an 'intelligent' mattress?
When I built the van bed I sort of went off of the one in our bedroom, and morphed it to fit the van. The van bed is sort of a mish mash of a full sized futon bed and whatever fit.
We got the twenty dollar queen size then followed with the clearance Star Wars sheets.
I know your jealous. It's okay they are that cool.

We test drove them that night as well. The lights worked in the van, the bed worked in the van. I got super excited and couldn't sleep well. The thing that I'd wanted to make was made and it worked.
    "IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!!" so were the mosquito's. I will definitely be make some screens for the windows.
Since we were in our own backyard for the test drive I brought my laptop out and connected to our wifi and we watched some Netflix from the van before bed.
It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening.
Here's that video.

Remember Keep the shiny side up.
Trevor Marty

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