28 December, 2008

Good Morning

Howdy Folks-
It's 530 am on a Sunday Morning, and I'm thinking about calling in sick. I guess mainly because I don't want to walk to work. My back drive and the alley is frozen into a solid sheet of ice. I should just put little spikes in my bicycle tires and ride to work. Do you think we could earn some money that way? I've been thinking lately about changing my life up in an extreme way. No fooling. I mean cutting myself loose from the self-imposed shakles that I put on. I'm sure y'all know what I'm talking about. Liberation. When I moved to Rochester, Mn. I wrote an article for a little self-published zine called the Jasmine Times. In it I was talking about how this town was all about money and yucki vibes. That's why I'm still here right? Well, the money part yes. I could do without the yucki vibes, and without being the freakest guy on the block. To be honest though I think it's changing here. Well whether I'm just having a mild mid-life deal-i-bob or simply have the Winter_BluZ. I was in need of crazyness and I decided to create some.
Look at what I did.DSC00154
What do you think? Cool huh?
There are also some other things which are in the planning stage, but should come to fruition this coming year.
Okay so what's the word for this year? Whats the movement for self?


I mean how many times have we all been guilty of saying stupid shit like,
"I think I'd really love to do (insert your favorite thing here), but I'm
just too (insert your favorite self-deprication here)."
Pardon my language but fuck that! You and I we're better than that stupid shit! Lets Liberate ourselves from that stupid shit.
Thats what this coming year is all about for me.
Wish me luck. It's going to be fun.
Best Wishes
Trevor Marty
ps look for me soon at the Black Sheep in South St. Paul
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