01 July, 2007

Some Ramblings and a cute little video

Howdy Folks

I just thought that I'd write a quick little letter this morning before I get going with my day. What a beautiful morning it is. Where I live the tempurature is probubly seventy something. My little flowers are doing well, and I just transplanted a plant called a flowering maple. Holy Cow has it gotten big. My other plants are doing really fine too.
I just played Friday and Saturday night at this place called Santes in Rochester, Mn.
It's a great place, and I really enjoy playing there.

One thing that has been happening is I am congested which makes my ears all wierd. Everything sounds as if I just got out of swimming in the river. I really would like this to stop, because it's been almost two weeks since this whole thing began. It's pissing me off.
But other than that life is really good, for me and I am wishing that same stuff on you folks.
Lets all hope for great wonderful shit for everyone huh?

On that nope I have a cute little video that I found on youtube.
Here's wishing you the best of the best today.
Trevor Riverman Marty

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