10 June, 2007

Jazz, an open window, some sunshine, and a really great vibe.
I'd like to say that I have been recording and gigging. Wouldn't it be
nice to hear me announce that after all the hard work I have been
doing Arista Records has given me a big advance on my next cd.
You can almost imagine yourselves sitting there with a cup of coffee
reading that I moving to New York and beginning a big ole tour
of these entire United States of America. Which is why I haven't been
writing blog entry's and such.
Well although that would be nice it isn't the reason. The real reason
is that aliens abducted me....kidding.
I have been a lousey and done nothing but sit on my patio, or my lady-friends
deck and enjoying the warm weather, drinking summer beer, and eating.
Life is good!
Gosh I've even begun planting flowers
in the yard, and get this I have not just one but two hanging baskets. Yes, folks
it is summertime and I am really getting into the whole thing.
Why just today Sue and I went for a walk on this bike trail in West Salem and
ended up chilling in the La Crosse River for like 3 hours. We were watching this snail
hanker on and away into the crystal clear river.

Oh and before I forget Im playing this weekend at the Freedom Cyber Cafe.
This could be a really fun show, or it could be an even better show. LOL.
The club is in Rochester, Mn. and right across the street from the Northgate Healthclub.

All right so now on to the pictures.

Aren't these incredible?

My little rock garden.

This was taken in the National wildlife refuge north of Trempealeau.
While we were being attacked by about a zillion killer flies!

I don't know but they sure are cool aren't they?
Well thats it from this side of things.

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