04 July, 2007

im on a soapbox

It’s ten minutes to six in the morning, and I am up and reflecting on the fourth of July. When I was a child it was all about getting to stay up later than normal and watching the fireworks. Even now at thirty-seven I get all excited about fireworks, but there is way more to it today than there used to be. Independence day is an important part of our culture isn’t it. I mean we get to reflect on how it got to be just what it is, and the millions of anonymous faces that wash by our eyes. From the founders and there engagements to our own in the twenty-first century.
All of the folks from the soldiers to the farmers from the gunfighters to the law men the slave and indentured servants to the land owners the native American nations to...'well the rest of us'. We are all here now, and can’t change a thing from the past. What’s done is done, but in my humble opinion the fourth of July is about honoring the memory of all of them. Here’s my thing...I think all of them helped to build this nation that we have right now, and that we are building the nation that we are about to hand over to the younger generation. What kind of country are we building when
right now there are folks rotting in prison because their opinion was a little different than the current administrations, but ‘Libby’ was set free. What kind of land will we be handing over when the Bush administration is still trying to cut down the oldest living things on the planet? The Redwood national forest is still in danger from the eager wallets of our current ‘founders’.

The legacy of the last eight years is nothing more than paranoia. All of the yucki things that have happened could have brought us all together, but were used to make us all scared.

Ah well, what’s done is done right? Nothing we can do now, but wait for him to get out of office and lick our wounds.
Im not to sure what it is that Im trying to say here except that I wish you all a happy and day and a safe one as well.

Best wishes
Trevor Marty
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