02 April, 2007

Nebraska & Colorado

Howdy Folks-

Well, Mr Bo Jangles (my kitty cat) and I are going on a road trip. I have a weeks vacation and have decided to spend it on the road. Im bringing Bo because I couldn't find anyone to take him for a week. Thats all right Im sure he will have a wonderful time.

Eventually our goal will be to hit Longmont, Co. I will try and post as often as possible and put up little photos I take. So keep checking back it couldn't hurt ya never know.

I thought about bringing my bike and I still just might. One never knows does one? I've hitched up a banging 10 inch woofer to a backpack and a 500 watt amplifier to the pedals, so that whenever I drive my Bicycle it generates the power for the speaker. Now if that were all you'd think the Trevor Man was a little nutty, but wait till you hear what else....this bada$$ bicycle is sporting a hefty 20 inch moniter strapped inbetween the handlebars!!!YA BABY IT'S PIMPING. The bikes feet are 26 inch anti-punchure roadkings, with some monster chrome boots!!! And finally just last week I finished it off with a tiny little 8 inch lift kit, so I can get a bunch of bounce at the stoplight.

I just watched about 3 or 4 episodes of "Pimp my Ride" in a row. They put a 1000 watt amp in this guys Blazer. They had to use one gauge wire to handle the load. Man!!!(I think thats a lot, but Im not sure. It sure looked neato though.)

This one guy had a mini-van..ya just like my old one. Dodge Caravan and they put two custom built waterfalls in between this plush reclining seat. WOW!!!

Well, I have to be going to bed and getting ready for tomarrow.
Have a great day, oh and if you get a chance and feel like it. Go to the science museum, because they have this really neato earthquake moniter. The whole thing is made out of chimes.

musically yours
Trevor Marty

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