28 March, 2007

Hey, you are so friggin awesome!!!!

Hey everyone-

I have been trying to plan this little vacation to colorado and nebraska reciently. It has made keeping up with these posts quite challenging. But I will be taking lost of photos, and videos from the road and the folks I meet. Heck I might even video blog the toilets. That could be a silly goal...to video blog the toilets in every gas station that I stop in for gas...get it gas..lol. I am such a little boy.

I would love to get to know this new blogger a little more, and perhaps I will while in colorado. I think that I may have some time on my hands while out there. Oh so I will be taking my cat Mr. Bo Jangles with me along the journey too. Here's his picture, but be-aware he is the cutest kitty cat ever.

Hungry Kitty Kat

See and you thought I was kidding about him being the cutest kitty cat ever.
Anyway he will be coming along as I journey to visit my mother and see if I can't line up a bunch of gigs. Wouldn't that be cool. Every couple of months take an extended weekend and play somewhere out their. I mean I'll have a place to stay and all.
GeeZ Id be stupid.
Ummm, let me see. Ya don't forget to come out to the gig on Saturday at Freedom Cyber Cafe in Rochester. I will be playing with Maureen and we will be the first show. Then Larry Ravenswood will be up on the stage. He has been featured on the current and well thats all ya need to know right?
Okay well lots of love mi amigo's i amiga's.

Trevor Marty
ps enjoy this little video I found.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

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