05 April, 2007

Colorado and Nebraska

Howdy Folks-

Well, here I am in Colorado, and I can't get online at all. Something has happened to my laptop, and I haven't a clue.
All I know is that I show connected, but can't get data to start transfering. Hmmm, I really have no idea. Perhaps
its Windows Internet Explorer's new version. I will have to work on it. Until then I will just do a quick writing here
and later will put it onto the site.

There was a great bluegrass jam at this coffeeshop down the street called Ziggies. There was a dobro, banjo,
three guitars, and lady playing the stand up base. The folks were very kind and gentle with the less experienced ones.
The lady playing the banjo had only been doing it for 4 months, and was nervous to play. They said, "Well it can't play
itself in the case." Which is very differant from the folks in Rochester who will scoff at you if you haven't been doing
it for umpteen years.

Okay, so before I left Rochester I baught 2 new tires, and went to have my brakes checked. The dude at Midas
said, "Hey you don't need to have new brakes, but you do need a new Serpantian belt. Which I had heard before.
Since I had been expecting to spend a bunch of money before I left and suddenly didnt have to. I decided to go for the
new belt. I am only telling you this because I got some incredible mileage on the way here. The best was 43.10 miles
per gallon of gas. I don't know about you but I can't believe that. New tires, and a belt will do that? HOly SHIT!!!
The worst was 31.195 and the others were 33.33, and 36.71 miles per gallon. Those are a little bit more believable.

Nebraska, was full of warmth, flowers, and all the trees were budding. Going from Minnesota which is in the


and then going to a place spring is in full bloom. Full Bloom!!!!! Great stuff.

Okay, I must have done something right because as you can see I am online and going strong. YIPIE!
I have enjoyed my time here, and regret having to go home to mud, and water in the basement which isn't fun at all. I will be leaveing at 4 am tomarrow morning so that I can escape Bolder morning rush hour traffic. I am hoping to get home around 5-6 pm. Lets have a toast raise the glasses and *clink*.

Alright well I have to tell you that I have some incredible video footage for everyone and some really great photos. I will be busy making a nice little photo album which we can all sit down with and look at and laugh.

Today I went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory. Nothing special.
If you've worked in a factory at all at any point then you will know what this one looks like.
Okay well thats it for now folks.

Good luck to you and yours
Trevor Marty
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