21 March, 2018

Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

Hello everyone,
We wish you happiness and joy for now and always.
This week Elissa and I got sick. Yup, we came down
with that bad flu that's been going around. We got the
whole ball of wax. Sleepy, coughs, fever, body aches.

Oh man, it's yucky.

National Public Radio has a contest every year and the
winner gets to play at the main studio in their office area.
I've submitted to this contest every year that it's been around and this year is no different.
The song I submitted this year is an old one I wrote just after I moved to Rochester. It's called, "Twice". It's a flat-picking, jammy, sort of thing. Please feel free to share the video around as much as you want.

Here is the Spotify link to the song. LINK
Here is the iTunes link in case you want to buy it. LINK
Don't forget to keep the shiny side up!!

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