22 January, 2018

Quartzsite, A Campfire, and A Van

My wife and I just returned from an extended vacation. We were driving to a small desert 
community called, Quartzsite in Arizona; although, we weren’t staying in the town. We decided 
to try out our homemade camper-van and see how it worked in the desert. There were almost 
4000 other folks doing the exact same thing. You’ll be happy to know it worked like a champ.  
The solar array charged the battery, which charged our devices, and kept our little 12 volt 
refrigerator working just fine. 
Sunset @ RTR
Some of the funnest times during our vacation though were around the campfire. There was 
a sort of community fire pit, and we’d all dutifully assemble there after supper. Now as a musician 
I almost always get asked to bring my guitar and play some tunes which I have always been very 
embarrassed about. I get all flustered and don’t know what to say or do. This time was no different, 
but I brought it up. I said right out that I get all freaked out about it and it turns out there were others 
there who felt the same thing. Eventually we talked each other into playing and took turns around 
the fire. It was difficult at first to take a step outside my own experience of embarrassment and do 
what I do. However, once I did I had a pretty good time. Now I don’t want this to come off as a 
self-help thing, an ego thing, or Goddess forbid a promise to always be the guy playing at a campfire.
 I am just saying that in this case I had a blast playing and listening to others play. 
Camper Van

We are all capable of jumping out of our comfort zone in order to try something new or just to share 
with other folks of like mind the things we do. Whether that’s music, construction, or anything else. 
It can be a very fun thing if looked at right. 

Cactus @ RTR
Good luck with all things.
-Trevor Marty

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