11 December, 2017

Unboxing IK Multimedia Monitors


As you read in last weeks post I won something pretty neat.
Monitors. I won monitors from IK Multimedia and Garageband & Beyond. Well, they came in the mail and I did an unboxing video. Which is right here. (LINK)

The monitors were heavier than I expected. I guess I was prejudging them by their size. They are small so I figured they would be about the weight of a standard computer speaker you would get at a big box store or these at Amazon. (LINK)
However, the iLouds are nothing like those.(Link to iLouds)

Back view

Front View

Front View

Ok are these the best in the world?
No, but for the price point they are at I would most definitely say they are as good or slightly better than some of their competitors of the same price. At least the competitors I’ve been exposed to. I have not tuned them to the room they will be in or the system which they will be apart of yet, but for sitting in front of my Mac editing video and the soundtrack of the video with I think they’re great. I can’t wait to get them tuned to the room and see what they’re like then.
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