20 November, 2017

Misadventures with the Martys

Introducing: Misadventures with the Martys

Hello, Greetings, G’day, and Merry We Meet

I want to wish you a happy happy day, and let you know about big changes coming soon. Very soon, as in now.
For almost a year or so my wife Elissa IMG_8671  IMG_8568 
and I have been posting both videos and blog entries here on my personal blog, and I’ve enjoyed having all of the content here but I think it’s high time that we have our own channel. Elissa and I together. Each having/sharing equal parts to it. That also means a new website LINK (which I have been diligently building), new social media connections, and a new YouTube channel. After all there are two of us. 
This blog started out as a way for me to connect with booking agents, fans, potential fans, so it’s unfair to Elissa to make herself known through her husbands name. She is a person on her own, so onto the new channel.

It’s called, “Misadventures with the Martys”. LINK

Now, let me introduce you to what you will be seeing on that new….ah....well everything channel.
The same sort of programming you’ve been enjoying from the both of us here. We’ll be doing travel shows and adventures, household projects, how to’s, goofing off, and lots of laughing.

This channel won’t be getting abandoned at all. I will continue to publish here as well; however, it may not be as much and it will probably be a lot more music oriented. Which means, gig stories, how to’s, song crafting, set list crafting, booking gigs, recording and all that.

We really hope that you’ll come by our other website which will be the sort of jumping off point for all things ‘Marty’.  Misadventures with the Marty’s is an eclectic blog/vlog published every Wednesday. Some of the things we have coming up are: 
  • trying out our new tiny house on wheels, 
  • traveling to the desert for two weeks in January, 
  • booking gigs along the way, 
  • how to’s and remodels,
  • maybe some reviews, 
  • and fun day to day adventures. 
There will be both a blog and a video to accompany each other.
This channel (the one you’re on now) will be going back to an every two week publishing schedule.

Please stop by the new place comment, subscribe, and share with your friends.
Keep the shiny side up.

Trevor & Elissa
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