30 January, 2017

Tiny Desk Concert Contest III

Hello Gang-

It is so great to see y'all. I hope everyone's doing well. The weather here in Minnesota is still cold, but it could be way worse. It's just snowed a bunch and it was a wet heavy snow so it's been warmer. Believe it or not snow helps to insulate and makes everything warmer.
Well for the third year in a row I've entered the Tiny Desk Concert Contest that NPR sponcered. My entry was just under the wire and is just below, so you'll be able to watch it.

The song is called, "Powder" and was written about a friend of mine who disappeared in the powder drugs. She lost herself and I've no idea what happened to her. I wrote this song in response to it.

I hope you are having a great and wonderful day.
All my best.

Trevor Marty

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