24 October, 2016

The Road, A Dream, & Coffee

     Well, now that Elissa and I are back from our adventure to the New Mexico I will write a bit about it and show some photos. We took a bunch of video and photo’s. I won’t bore you with all of them because there’s a lot of them. I think the video’s will come later, so subscribe here so that you won’t miss a single thing.

     We started and drove to Kearney, Nebraska and I’ve already done a little video and chat about that so we can start after that. That can be found here. LINK

     The second day we finished driving through Nebraska and went into Kansas which was very flat but fun. We used our GPS and she brought us on the small county roads and highways, so we ended up seeing a lot of little towns and fields. I should mention that we were going to Tao’s, but ended up going to Santa Fe because we read a lot of bad reviews for the hotels there.
It was a ten hour drive from Kearney to Santa Fe and let me just say that’s a lot of time to be on the road.

Mr & Mrs paper coffee cups from the room.

The sacred journey goes on & on.


Beautiful open sky's,  long fields, & gravel roads. Must be Kansas

I had to take this because I'm from Winona, Mn. but this one's in Kansas.
     After Kansas we drove through Colorado and then to New Mexico. Most of the part of Colorado that we drove through was just as flat as Kansas and Nebraska. It is Colorado though so one must have photos of mountainous areas when driving through there.

Keep trying little one...you'll make a mountain someday.

Yours truly driving by a mountainous area.
     When we finally got to Santa Fe we found tons of construction, but we also found a joyous and welcoming community of folks.
New Mexico:
    Santa Fe:

The 'Double Cottonwood' outside Georgia O'Keeffe's Musuem

Beautiful doors near the state capital.

Beautiful doors near the state capital.

Hanging from the rafters in an odd museum outside of Santa Fe
Bison Horn found in the same odd musuem

Railroad tracks disappearing into the desert. Beautiful in it's own way.
     The road to Roswell was very nice but you know I called it the ‘Devils Anvil’, because it’s a long and flat desert with nothing but cattle. You know I never in my wildest dreams would have thought there would be cattle hanging out in the desert, but there is.

Cowboy's outside of Roswell.

Cowboys outside of Roswell.

As you exit the UFO museum this is the mural on the wall.

An interesting letter regarding the exsistance of E.T.'s.
Mayan wood carvings of the E.T.'s
 While we were there we even got abducted and guess what? We got it all on video. 

     While driving back through New Mexico and into Colorado we had a blast. It was a sunny day with my happy wife and I and nothing to do but drive. It was very fun and we ended the night in Pueblo, Colorado. We had Chinese food that night and man was it beautiful, but a long day of driving will put you in a weird head space and we both slept very well that night. 
 Colorado again:

I think they're coming.

Oh yes. Those are mountain's.

Windmills too. I love me some windmills!

Finally after a long day of driving....bed. Lets see if there's room for me.
      The next morning we had a great breakfast and hit the road early. We wanted to make it to Rapid City, SD before nightfall. I loved the time we spent in Colorado, but I didn't really like the driving. Lot's of people pretending to be race car drivers oh well. Slow and Steady may not win the race, but it'll get you there safe and sound. There was also quite a bit of back up on the freeway because of construction.  The next state we drove through was Wyoming which means more mountains and open spaces. Wyoming is a beautiful place and I for one would love to live there for one year. Wouldn't it be grand to see Wyoming in all of the seasons? We stopped at a rest stop and found a Mammoth skeleton next to the map. I think they were trying to tell us something. "Don't get lost here or this may happen." I didn't know that Wyoming had such wonderful archeological digs and remains.

No use asking this guy where to go if you're lost.

I think he needs a double espresso don't you?

We didn't get to far into the mountains we stayed east of them.

If this is east of the mountains imagine what they look like. Uffda!
     We finally did make it to Rapid City, SD and man was it a fine time. The first thing we did after checking in was go for supper and a couple of beers. We went to a place called Firehouse Brewing. If you want a good bison burger and you're in Rapid City go here and don't forget the beer. They have great beer, and are connected to a separate wine house which has live music twice a week. If you're there check them out as well. You never know maybe you'll see some good live music.
     The Spirits were with us because we ended up in Rapid just in time for Native American day. It's a day to honor the Native people and their Ancestors. Many towns and cities are replacing Columbus day with either Indigenous Peoples Day, Native American Day, or First Nations Day. I, for one, am all for it. There was a parade, and a Pow Wow. I got some video of the parade but not the Pow Wow. Only one photo turned so I have that as well.

South Dakota:
  Rapid City:
Firehouse Brewing

Photo of the parade.


     Finally, we made it home and our two lovely ladies were quite happy to see us. 
Thanks for popping by and don't forget to comment. Oh and before I forget next weeks entry will be the video's of our journey. I still have to put them all together in a nice neat package.
It's good to be home.

"Oh were you gone? Hm, didn't notice."

Ms Marley doesn't like her photo to be taken.

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