05 September, 2016

A thousand ways to live and be happy.

    I have always been interested in the ways that people live. I find it fascinating all of the colorful ways people choose to simply ‘be’.  Whether they are in a house on a corner in some burb or living off the fruit of their own labor in the woods somewhere or anything in between has always really interested me. In some cases we tend to hoard stuff to extreme and in others people can be so minimalist as to only own their memories ***(which I mention in a song I wrote and you can purchase here if you so desire)*** LINK, and some can’t make up their minds at all. Using myself as an example I have lived in a boathouse floating on the Mississippi river, in a van, on a back porch through a Wisconsin Winter, in a flat above a tram line in another country, and now I own a home in a middle sized town in Minnesota.  

    I have been following the trends of our society and how we live for a number of years now and recently we have begun to shrink our homes and explore the way we live and how simply we can live while still being happy. On the one hand it seems a nice way for the ultra-rich to keep even more money, and property, and power, and junk, and stuff while making everyone else feel content with much much less then them. On the other hand no one gets to take their junk with them when they go and really would you rather have money or memories. I have always chosen memories; although, it is nice to eat regularly.
    Anyway the purpose of today’s blog is just to bring this up, and to show you this new video of a fellow in his mid-forties who chucked it all bought a long boat and is currently living in it. Making his way through the canals of Great Britain proving again that you can live anyway you want to. There is nothing tying you down if you’re ready to welcome change and all that it brings. 
Have a brilliant day.

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