29 August, 2016

Tour my Mackie DLM8's

Recently, I bought a couple of new speakers for my shows, and if you’re a musician or dj you understand that compact, reliable, portable, and durable don’t always go hand in hand. Well, with Mackie’s DLM series they do.
I bought mine at my buddy Tommy’s music store. Brickhouse Music in Riverfalls. http://www.brickhousemusic.com/

Mackie makes the DLM 8, and 12  both carry the same amount of frills.

Everything from a 3 band EQ for each channel to multi-band feedback destroyer. Oh and lets not forget the 16 effects for each channel or the memory slots for convenient and quick set up for each new house.
The 2000W will most likely give you plenty of headroom with the option of using them with or without a mixer. Depending on how many of you there are.
I’ve used both. When I played a show with Dedrick (a buddy of mine) we used an Allen and Heath Zed FX10 mixer and it worked very well. There were no buzzes or odd problems to figure out on the fly, and when I played plugged straight into them at a solo outdoor show it was the same.  There are several quick link effects that will allow you to adjust the parameters of the speaker for what you’re about to do. One of them is solo. Is that you can use one speaker as a monitor and one as the main speaker. I used this for an outside show I did and it worked mostly fine. I didn’t get the monitor speaker to work, but in fairness that was operator error. I tried it later at home and it worked fine.

Here is a video I did showing you some of the features.

Have a great day!

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