07 March, 2016

99% A Song Explained

Today’s blog post is about one of my songs.
      I thought why not explain the lyrics and what they mean. I’m going to tell you about ‘99%’. I wrote this song just after protesting with the 99% and the Unions. There were a few thousand people and we shut down K street. Which is the place where all kinds of lobbyist and money grubbers do their thing. It was a powerful moment where we as a people stood up and exclaimed what we thought. Did it help?
Who’s to say.
Lot’s of things happened after word as a result both positive and negative.
Here's a player for you to listen to it while you read.

Winds blowing fiercely Potatoes in the bin
I’ve got 9 to 5 to sit and think of the cold creeping in.
Winds blowing fiercely and the snows upon the grass
fire in the fireplace warming up my ass/cash.
     The winds of change are blowing and they aren’t coming nicely. Change can be either gentle or fierce. The nine to five bit is a day job, and sitting and thinking about change, about cold human attitudes towards humans and the warmth attitudes we have toward cash and people that have it.

Beer in the fridge Wines on the counter
99% of folks say that color doesn’t matter.
Beer in the fridge my beards getting long
99% of folks say that gender doesn’t either.
Beer goes in the fridge Wine (red wine) goes on the counter.
     The majority of people believe that color and gender doesn’t matter. Whether we’re talking about women getting paid 70 cents to every dollar that a man makes or LGBT issues. Most people look at these things and know that it isn’t fair for a woman to make less for the same work, or for people of color or LGBT folks to be treated as second class humans. It’s only a very ugly and vocal minority of folks that think differently. A further examination of these first two lyrics will show something more about my personality. While the first verse shows myself not having much faith in my fellow humans the second verse shows just the opposite. Having faith in humanity to make the right choices given the proper information. What can I say? I go both ways on most issues.

I bought myself a flower bought myself rose
Plant a seed of healing Let it grow and grow
bought myself a flower ah huh instead of pills
go round and round the world curing my ills
     The first two lines are talking about giving yourself joy. Buying myself flowers always gives me joy and healing. Then letting that joy grow. Flowers instead of pills is just my way of finding balance in western Pharma-culture. On the one hand the Pharma-culture has helped. I am grateful for some of western medicines pills and cures. However, I also think that there are other ways to heal. Plant a seed of healing let it grow and grow. Where would we be without insulin or penicillin, on the other hand where would we be without yoga, eating right, exercise, Reiki, meditation, laughter. I think you get my point. Balance. (This by no means makes me a Monsanto lover)

Got a funny feeling deep inside
it says 1+1+1 is 3 and got enough to ride
Got a funny feeling coming round the bend
say’s 99% of folks ain’t got enough to win
     This last verse speaks to the growing divide of the ‘haves and the have nots’. Ninety-nine percent of people on this planet barely have enough to live while the other one percent live in King Midas like luxury. Here’s a for instance. Minimalism is fine when you choose it; however, when you just don’t have enough to eat then it sucks. Well, thank you for hanging out with me here and enjoying these moments.

Your homework: Walk around the block (or two) and count how many yellow things you see.

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