16 April, 2011

Nothing to say?


Search for a topic

This morning I have searched for a topic. I’ve looked into the bowels of myself...yes that was a somewhat off color remark. Luckily I didn’t find much worth discussing with my precious 10 minutes. I’ve looked in the fridge. Nothing much there worth discussing either. A couple of beers, some cheese, a slice or two of ham, a few apples. I even searched the front page of the NPR site. Plenty of stuff there to write about, but I wanted to keep my serenity a little bit longer. What shall I write about? Have I written about the search for a new topic? Ya, I think I did that last year.

Did I tell you about the time I was on a Somali Pirate ship...oh I did huh? Okay, so what else is there to write about? I think I may write about the search for a topic anyway.

I even looked under the cupboards in the kitchen. The ones under the sink. No nothing there really. Some old rags, a broken bottle, the compost bin, a beat up old barbie doll (don’t ask), and some funny looking papers. Nope nothing worth 10 minutes on.

I went out to the garage the big garage not the little one thinking I’d find something out there. God knows what’s in there. A tire pump? Well maybe. That’s pretty good, but what else is in there? A 1999 Red Ford Escort with a hundred and forty thousand odd miles on it, some wood for building, some wood for burning, a couple of ramps that chad gave me, a couple of lawn mowers, lot’s of dust. Naw nothing out there.

How about the basement? No nothing in there either.

Sorry folks I guess I’ve nothing to talk about today.

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