22 April, 2007


Hey Folks

Well, since it's Sunday I thought that I'd post a couple of short little videos of some musicians that are or were just wonderful. There's a lot of stuff in this but it's worth the time it takes.

The first one is Django Reinhart. This guy only had two fingers on his fretting hand. Well, actually he still had the other ones but they weren't very usable as you will see. This is one of the few actual newsreel clips of his stuff. The clip is trying to describe that crazy JAZZ music for people to understand.
As a treat you will also get to see Stephan Grappelli..(please forgive the spelling)

Take notice of Djangos left hand when he is introduced.

Another bunch of neat folks are these guys Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin, and Al Di Meola. The song is called Mediterranean Sundance. Paco is the Flamenco guy with the bald spot, Al's in the middle and is a jazz guy, and John is on the other far end and is also a jazz guy.
This is a very beautiful composition.

Now for another master but of a differant style entirely.
Stevie Ray Vaughan Well, he really doesn't need any kind of explanation. So I'll leave it up to you...with the execption of saying, "Damn that boy could play!" I will warn you though that whomever labeled the songs on this clip is all wrong, and it's cuts out at the end.

thanks for reading and checking out the music.

Trevor Marty
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