16 April, 2007

Biodiversity looncam

Howdy Folks-

Just a little reminder about a gig this weekend
at the Tavern Lounge on Friday. It's in Northfield.
I would also like to let people know about the Greg Brown
show at the civic center here in Rochester. I think there
are tickets left; although, I am unsure.

Hey also check out this link. It goes to a National Geographic
website and is a 24 hour webcam pointed at a Bald Eagles nest.
No lie. It's really windy and
I can see the Atlantic Ocean blowing in.
There is some precipitaion
so occassionally things go blurry but heck...it feels like Im way up
in a white pine spying. ahhh I ment that in a positive way.
Well good luck with things.

Watch the pretty birdies here!

Trevor Marty
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