24 April, 2017

The Historic Water St. Inn

Our trip to Stillwater, Mn and where we stayed. It was at the Water Street Inn.

    A few weeks ago my wife and I stayed at a little place called, “The Water Street Inn”. It’s located in Stillwater, Mn and has a great view of the St. Croix river not to mention a marvelous bridge. In the video you’ll see our room, but the video pales to the glimmer of the real thing. If you have a vacation or a longish weekend coming with your partner please go. It’s set up just like it was ‘back in the day’. Which day? Well,  I’m glad you asked.  As you walk in you notice that dark wood tones that were a staple around the turn of the century 19th to 20th. There is a full size grand piano and large ceilings. The grandness welcomes you instead of pushing you out like so many other places. You know the ones I’m talking about. Anything the Trumps or the Kardashians would stay in. The places where the first thing you think about is money and everything is sterile, modern, and boring.  No, this place is not like that. It is welcoming and joyous. It oozes history everywhere you go. Stories and people from the past walk through your mind like ghosts telling you their stories. There is an Irish pub with live music on Friday’s and Saturday’s, a restaurant, and outdoor seating.
    Our room, as you’ll see in the video was at the end of a hall with corner windows. We could look in two directions and one of them had a balcony which looked out on a street and the cute architecture that Stillwater is known for. Our bed was something you’d find in an antique store. It was a rich dark wood with carvings on it’s carvings. There was a gas fireplace (which is a luxury to us), a giant bathroom, and a very large shower stall. Now don’t worry about it just having a shower because it also had a ….wait for it….a jacuzzi (also a luxury for us). Why we didn’t even know to wait till the water was over the jets to turn them on. Water went everywhere and you heard the both of us screaming with laughter.
    We ate at the pub that night. I had a giant burger that had corned beef and sauerkraut, and Elissa had a baked mac and cheese thing. Both meals left us sleepy,  so upstairs for a nap and then out the door to explore the nightlife.  The pub was much the same as the rest of the hotel. Lot’s of rich dark wood, a wonderfully old bar, great staff, and a spirit that streamed of Backus flavored adventures. By the way they had a shelf with tons of board games.
    After a touch of a nap we went out exploring, but because it was a Sunday night we were just out of luck. That night we ended up at Stillwater's food co op called, ‘The Coop’. It’s a lovely place with good prices for great food.
    The next morning we had a lovely breakfast and then went out to explore the town. We were a little early (everything seemed to open up at eleven am) but had a good time nonetheless.
Stillwater is a mid-sized touristy summer river town with it’s history and historic buildings you will have tons of things to do and check out. Don’t forget to stay at the historic Water Street Inn when you go to visit, and yes they have off street parking. 
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