28 August, 2009

Rolling and Tumblin

Howdy Everybody

Just wanted to send off a quick blog.
Ya know sometimes ya want to write something
profound and stunningly bright and shiny, but can't
find out what that might be.

Ahh well. Something happened reciently. Something that
surprised me. I mean really truely surprised me.
I ran out of space on my external hard drive. I've had
it hooked up to my studio pc for years and never gave it
another thought. 80 gigs of crazy never ending space
with which to put any darn thing I wanted to on.
Oh and I have. I have been going through and deciding what
is best to delete and what not to. Should I keep this if it's
in this format, because it's smaller, but then I don't have the
control should I ever want to do something with it.
I mean isn't this the same logic that old Aunt Martha had and
thats why her house is a dumpster with one aisle to the bathroom
one to the kitchen, the catbox, and the garage?
I mean lets be real with ourselves for a second.....more and more
space...means more and more junk. Right?

So I've decided to delete a bunch of stuff on the drive, and in my
life. I'm going to empty my house out of everything none essencial.
I can't wait to walk into an almost empty house.
BTW Does anyone want an old Lowrey Organ? It's got the footpedals, and
a spot for a leslie speaker. You can just have it, and if you feel
like giving me something. Well just give me what ever you feel is

Well, have a great and happy weekend everyone.

Here is a new video of me playing my new guitar.
(guitars don't count as stuff)

Rollin & Tumblin

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