03 March, 2007

More coffee first

This morning consisted of making sure there was enough coffee in me, and then recording. There's something very cool about doing that. I guess it's all about taking that creative moment where music bursts forth into something, and manifesting it. Does that make sence? Here's another way of putting it.
Some folks can build houses, or shelves, heck they can even remake their bathroom in a weekend. Some other folks are into plumbing and can bring water into and out of that house. There are even folks who, (you're not going to believe this), love to work on cars....ya Im not kidding.
I am not any of those. I like writing and playing music. It's just the coolest of every and all things to me....well Creme Brulee is pulling a close second.

Well, that said I can be a good Minnesotan and talk about the weather. We just got slammed with a crap ton of snow. Heck the Govener had to call out the National Guard and they braught along some tanks. Funny huh?

At my house the snow is thick on my roof, and the pretty ice chunks are coming down off of it. Which makes me think of replacing the roof. Bummer!
Of course my first thought goes to writing a song about ice damns instead of fixing the ones I have. Funny.

How's it in your neck of the woods?

Trevor Marty
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